Kandala Organic and Virgin Argan Oil

New Look, Same Product

We have revamped our label design for our Organic Argan Oil to assume a younger and more inspiring look. We hope our customers like the new design and look forward to comments and feedback.Argan Oil

We have also decided to change the drop dispenser to an easy-to-use pump. Our customers now don’t need to fiddle around with the small cap, nor worry about dropping it, or even losing it.

With the pump dispenser you don’t need to worry about picking up the bottle with oil on your hands.  The pump makes it easier to portion the right amount of argan oil into your hands or on your fingers. One simple pump will give you enough argan oil to apply to your hair or skin. If you need more, pump again without picking up the bottle.

Kandala Argan Oil will have 20% more in each dark, amber bottle, which protects the oil from the damaging influence of light. And best of all, the suggested retail price has not changed, so our customers get more, high quality virgin argan oil for the same price.

We have also eliminated the laminated cardboard retail packaging. It looked nice but ultimately, most people immediately throw away the packaging, so in a sense it was just creating more waste.

The product itself is still the pure argan oil our customers have come to love.  We still do not add any preservatives, alcohol or fragrances to the oil. Nothing has changed there.

The Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil contains high levels of essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants that are very beneficial as a daily hair moisturizer. They encourage healthy hair growth, prevent split ends, and help with dandruff.

These nutrients are also known to have anti-aging properties, help alleviate acne and skin disorders such as psoriasis, and diminish the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Argan Oil is also an excellent lotion to address sunburn and sun spots.Argan Oil

Are you running low on argan oil? We are offering a 20% discount to jump-start the sale of our argan oil with the new look.

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Look for the new bottle and label.

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