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Menopause Relief Essential Oil Blend: This oil works very well and helps hot flashes.

by Marilyn

Muscle Soothing Essential Oil Blend: Used it and it took some of the pain away. I have 5fxs in my lumbar region. Can’t have surgery right now because my bones are to weak to hold the plate and screws. Like I said it takes the edge off the pain.

by Theresa
Long time Argan oil user says 2 thumbs up & then some!
…This Kandala is an excellent oil! It is what you should be seeing, smelling & feeling from a true argan oil….This oil and the seller impress me.
I intend to purchase another bottle soon just so I can spoil myself all over with this incredible oil!

by Lauri

My wife recently discovered argan oil, which she’s been using on her hair and skin as a moisturizer. My hands sometimes get dry from cleansers and cleaning products, especially when I work on the car or motorcycle and have to scrub off dirty grease. I decided to try some argan oil so I bought this bottle for myself.I was surprised to see that the bottle wasn’t full, but then I looked through my inbox and saw an email from the seller which explained that it isn’t supposed to be. Apparently, 3.4 oz is not a standard size for bottles. Anyway, I like that the bottle is glass so I don’t have to worry if the contents are contaminated by BPA’s from plastic.

by Terry

Packaged perfectly in a dark glass bottle with a small dropper hole in the top so there is no waste (please don’t change this ever). This company is amazing…very concerned for their buyers. They have great communication…making sure the buyer is happy with their product as well as sharing tons of information on use of product. I will absolutely continue purchasing Kandala Argan Oil. I use it all over…I have stopped using many lotions, makeup removers, hair products, acne meds and more because I have replaced them all with Argan Oil, which is another reason I love this big bottle (because I use it day and night all over). The price is very fair too. It truly is my favorite product. Feels amazing! Thank you Kandala…keep up the great work…and Customer Service…A+++

by Diana

I really love this product. definitely buy it again and recommend it. I also bought a bottle for my daughter and she likes it too. We are now fans of Argan Oil. Thank you.

by Zulma

I have been using Argan oil for 4yrs. I am in my mid 40’s. I have always had dry patchy skin on my face. Since using argan oil my face is 100% balanced. No more dry patches at all. I also use argan oil on my hands. I mix it in with my daily body lotion as well. I use it on my hair (about 5 drops) massaging into my scalp and hair ends 20 min before shampooing. The condition of my hair is now balanced and no more dry ends. I also use a little on my wet hair before blow drying.. Argan oil is amazing!! It has plumped up the skin on my face and the fine lines around my eyes have improved! Wish I would have known about this product in my 20’s.. Recommend Argan oil to everyone.. Including men and children. ( I have used this product on my sons eczema flare ups and 100% gone by morning.) It is also great for healing scratches or dry brittle nails.

by Froppy

This oil is beyond my highest expectations. And only a few drops take care of my face and hair. I do keep it in the frig. Plan to buy more when I ran out.

by RI

A very good way to treat my scalp. The itchiness and dandruff is gone! I also rub it on my body after shower and can feel smoothness in my skin after 3 uses only..amazing!

by Janice

I like this oil very much. I mixed it with oregano oil and use it as a hand moisturizer. It works better for me than any hand lotion.

by Dmitriy

Argan oil is fantastic for the skin, hair and nails and I use it every day. Great smell and fantastic results.

by Mindy

As a nurse, I wash my hands a thousand times a day. My hands are so dry after even just one shift. This oil repairs and just feels good!! Highly recommend.

by Run4now

I purchased this to use on my curly, hard to manage hair and I’m very pleased with the results. I have used another well known product to control frizz and was happy with it but it wasn’t organic. This priduct is everything I hoped for and I don’t have to use anywhere near as much of it as I did the other product.

by R. Martin