Essential Summer Preparations for Skin and Hair

Woman sleeping in parkJune is upon us and summer is finally knocking on our door.  Many of us have had a wet spring – rain and flooding have tested many regions in the States. Our thoughts go out to those who have lost home and property.

But summer is expected to bring an abundance of sun and lure us out into the outdoors. Grill parties, strolls through town, weekend outings, and long afternoons at the pool will expose us to sunlight.

The sun can be harsh to your hair and skin, especially at higher altitudes. The chlorine in pool water does wreak havoc to hair and skin, as well. That’s why it is so important to have a natural remedy at hand at all times.

Argan oil hydrates hair and skin, and replenishes them after prolonged exposure to the sun and arid air. Argan oil also is extremely effective for sun burnt skin, and applied daily will prevent blistering and peeling – even for the most sensitive skin.

Be prepared and make argan oil a staple in your house.
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