How to Disguise Common Skin Issues

Puffy Eyes
Cover your eyes with a cold washcloth – even cucumbers are known to help with puffy eyes. Cold treatments commonly reduce swelling. When applying make-up consider using warm, neutral colors which help diminish puffiness.

Dry Skin
Avoid using harsh facial cleansers and soap. Instead, use a mild cleanser. Apply a good moisturizer that is suitable to your skin. Different skin types require different moisturizers. You will know what feels best. Choose a moisturizer rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids which hydrate and moisturize your skin.

Rosehip Oil can help even out irregular skin pigmentation. But while you are still dealing with it, apply a concealer first, then cover it with a make-up foundation in a color that is similar to your natural skin tone.

Red facial skin cold be the result of allergies, cold temperatures or even lack of sleep. Use a make-up foundation that is similar to your natural skin color – yellow and golden colors are usually best.

ScarsArgan Oil
Argan Oil is rich in anti-oxidants which encourage cell regeneration essential for rebuilding damaged skin. The effects won’t be overnight, so while the skin is still healing, make-up or concealers can cover up blemishes.

First, make sure your zit is not completely dry and has dry rings around it. Apply some healing ointment to it and then apply a concealer directly to the zit and let it dry. Use a dry powder make-up to blend the concealer with the skin of your face.

For everyday nourishing and deep hydrating care of your skin, apply a small amount of our Organic Argan Oil daily. A little goes a long way.