Therapeutic-grade Oil Blends Strengthen and Support Overall Well-being

Kandala is now offering a series of essential oil blends suited to improve overall well-being and refined to help manage pain, anxiety and depression, and boost your immune system. The five blends include:

Kandala Essential Oil BlendsEssential Oils have been used by many cultures since ancient times. They were used in religious practices such as to worship gods, for entombing, rituals, or to heal the sick. And even today, essential oils have a strong following. Much has been proven scientifically or by empirical studies that essential oils promote wellness – physically, mentally, and emotionally, and improve certain conditions or main existing health.

The effects of essential oils on our well-being offer alternatives to traditional medicine for a number of ailments and discomforts. They can reduce stress and excessive worry, relief pains and cramps, improve digestion, fight infections and allergies. They support the body’s response to inflammation, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The refinement methods distilling or extracting the oils from plants and trees have progressed over time, so the quality of essential oils has improved tremendously. Kandala essential oil blends are quality-tested for gravity, refractive index and optical rotation, and conform to stringent quality requirements.

So how do essential oils work?

When we inhale the scent of an essential oil we inhale the aroma of the oil in form of small molecules which trigger olfactory receptors in our nose, or they reach our lungs where they have an effect on our respiratory system. The receptors in our nose send signals to our brain, specifically to our limbic system, our emotional center. The limbic system is also connected to other parts of the brain responsible for regulating our blood pressure, hormone levels, breathing, digestive system and many other organ functions.

The tiny molecules of essential oils easily pass through cells and membranes, so applied topically to the skin, they quickly penetrate the upper skin cells and on to the deeper skin layers. Once they reach the bloodstream, they are transported to our organs and different parts of our body where they can release their natural power. Just like painkillers know where to target pain, so do these molecules know where the body needs help.

There are also oils that can be used orally, however, none of the Kandala essential oils are suitable for ingestion. And for topical application they must be diluted to their concentrated therapeutic grade quality. Refer to our Use Guide.

These oils are available for purchase on Amazon, refer to our product pages for each of the essential oil blends.

Kandala Muscle Soothing
Kandala Immune Support
Kandala Simple Joy
Kandala Nity Nite
Kandala Serentiy

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