What is the Hype about Essential Oils?


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What is the Hype about Essential Oils? Everybody talks about essential oils in these days. They seem to be the new cure-all for all kind of ailments.  Well, essential oils can’t necessarily cure, but they can support your body’s natural … Continue reading

Menopause & Sleep


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Sleep might be hard to come by during Menopause Women during menopause often have trouble falling and staying asleep and could have right-out insomnia. The hormonal changes in the body cause night sweats and restlessness. Here are several tips to … Continue reading

Aromatherapy Locket Jewelry


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New Line of Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry After expanding into aromatherapy by offering essential oil blends in 2016, Kandala now also has a good selection of aromatherapy diffuser jewelry in its program. Late in 2017, we added 10 different designs of … Continue reading

The Epidemic of Insomnia

Having trouble falling asleep?

InsomniaHere are some ground rules:

1. Keep your bedtime somewhat consistent.
If you tend to get sucked into late night TV shows you don’t even enjoy, set a calendar reminder on your phone that alerts you 30-60 minutes ahead of time, to prepare for the night.

2. Reserve your bedroom for sleep and relaxation only.
Avoid putting your exercise machine, your sewing machine or other distractions in your bedroom if the space in your home allows for it.

3. Turn down all electronic devices.
The blue light of phone or TV screens are sleep disrupting.

4. Unwind in preparation of a good night’s rest:
Turn down bright lights, clean clutter off and around your bed, adjust the temperature in your bedroom to what is comfortable for you, change into comfortable clothes, read a book or magazine.

5. Visualization
If your mind is hyperactive as you are trying to fall asleep, envision yourself doing a menial task that is enjoyable. Go through the steps and motions of completing the task. This exercise may calm your mind.

Once you are set with above preparations, add Kandala Nity Nite Essential Oil Blend to your nightly bedtime routine.

Shortly before going to bed, turn on a diffuser with a couple drops of the Kandala blend. Let the diffuser run for about an hour if it has a timer – you’ll be long asleep by the time it turns off.

If you don’t have a diffuser, dribble a few drops on a napkin or cloth and place it close to your head either on the pillow or sheets.

Essential Oils for Joint Comfort

Essential Oils for Joint Pain Management

We are proud to announce a new product that we added to our line of essential oils:

Joint ComfortKandala Joint Comfort Essential Oil Blend

This carefully selected blend of lavandin, birch, rosemary, pine needle, and frankincense contains powerful agents that stimulate the body’s response to rheumatic and arthritic discomfort, and inflammation. It also relieves cramps and reduces the sensation of pain.

These extracts help lessen the sensation of joint pain, stimulate the body to reduce swelling and manage inflammation of the joints. Such symptoms commonly describe what the medical profession calls osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of musculoskeletal disorders.

Since traditional pain killers and opioids commonly prescribed for pain have side effects, some of which rather severe, seeking out alternative methods to manage pains and joint issues could be a viable alternative.

Essential oils offer just that. This Joint Comfort blend can be used in a diffuser, mixed in with a carrier oil or body lotion and massaged into the painful areas, or added to a hot bath.

Read more about this product and its application on our web page.

This product is now available for purchase on Amazon.

We hope you will expand your pain management options and try it.

Essential Oil Blends for Better Health


Therapeutic-grade Oil Blends Strengthen and Support Overall Well-being Kandala is now offering a series of essential oil blends suited to improve overall well-being and refined to help manage pain, anxiety and depression, and boost your immune system. The five blends … Continue reading