What is the Hype about Essential Oils?


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What is the Hype about Essential Oils? Everybody talks about essential oils in these days. They seem to be the new cure-all for all kind of ailments.  Well, essential oils can’t necessarily cure, but they can support your body’s natural … Continue reading

Menopause & Sleep


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Sleep might be hard to come by during Menopause Women during menopause often have trouble falling and staying asleep and could have right-out insomnia. The hormonal changes in the body cause night sweats and restlessness. Here are several tips to … Continue reading

Aromatherapy Locket Jewelry


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New Line of Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry After expanding into aromatherapy by offering essential oil blends in 2016, Kandala now also has a good selection of aromatherapy diffuser jewelry in its program. Late in 2017, we added 10 different designs of … Continue reading