Essential Summer Preparations for Skin and Hair


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The sun can be harsh to your hair and skin, especially at higher altitudes. The chlorine in pool water does wreak havoc to hair and skin, as well. That’s why it is so important to have a natural remedy at hand at all times. Continue reading

6 Tips for Young & Beautiful Hair


Your skin is not the only part of your body that needs an anti-aging routine. You may notice that your hair changes through time. With all the pollutants, dietary habits, hormonal changes and other factors, your hair may break easily, appear dry and you may also experience hair-thinning. Continue reading

Artificial vs. Natural Hair Brushes


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Many people find themselves asking this question, “Should I choose a natural or artificial hair brush?” People who tend to believe that the natural choice is always the right choice, might find the answer a bit disappointing. Fact is, the right type of brush will vary according to your hair type. Continue reading

Get The Most Out of Argan Oil for Hair


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Best practices for using argan oil for hair There are many different hair types ranging from soft to frizzy to thick and coarse hair; and there are various levels of dryness and oily hair. And each make-up of hair strands … Continue reading