5 Myths About Food and your Skin


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There is a saying “You are what you eat.” And yes, there is certainly a lot of truth to the affects of foods on our well-being, our health, and specifically our skin. There are good apples and bad apples, and some foods earned a reputation that they really don’t deserve – both in terms of being good for you, as well as affecting your health and your skin negatively. Continue reading

How a Body Cleanse Improves your Skin


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A Spring Cleaning for Healthy Skin The idea of doing a body cleanse at regular intervals has only a small following. Which is surprising considering how much emphasis our society puts on appearance. What is the connection? Well, we can … Continue reading

Artificial vs. Natural Hair Brushes


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Many people find themselves asking this question, “Should I choose a natural or artificial hair brush?” People who tend to believe that the natural choice is always the right choice, might find the answer a bit disappointing. Fact is, the right type of brush will vary according to your hair type. Continue reading