5 Myths About Food and your Skin

There is a saying “You are what you eat” – well don’t take it literally. But there is certainly a lot of truth to the effects of foods on our well-being, our health, and specifically our skin.

There are good apples and bad apples, so to speak – saturated fats and sugar being two of the most impactful bad ones. But then some foods earned a reputation that they really don’t deserve – both in terms of being good for you as well as affecting your health negatively.

Let’s defray some of the myths about certain foods and their impact on your skin:

MYTH: Chocolate causes acne and other skin impuritiesChocolate

FACT: Pure chocolate by itself is actually extremely beneficial for your health and your skin. It contains huge amounts of anti-oxidants and increases your serotonin levels. Anti-oxidants fight radicals that make your skin age.

Unfortunately, you lose these benefits if you eat milk chocolate that is more sugar than chocolate and also contains milk powder and other unnatural ingredients. Try dark chocolate, the higher the chocolate content the less sweet. But it’s not that bad.

MYTH: Fatty foods = acne and ruddy, blotchy skin

FACT: We all know that not all fats are created equal, and it’s especially true when it comes to keeping skin clear and radiant. Nuts and seeds, olive oil and avocado are loaded with skin-beneficial oils and anti-oxidants like Vitamin E.

That heaping plate of fries? Not so much. While saturated fat has been known to make skin angry, experts say that fat is less of a troublemaker for skin than processed foods (especially processed carbs) and sugars.

Takeaway: Opt for plant-based oils in their fresh form, and forgo saturated fat and the processed and fried stuff.

MYTH: Dairy ALWAYS does a body good

FACT: Milk and dairy are a great source of calcium, protein and Vitamin D, right? Yes, but dairy may also be a doozie for your skin. Some skincare experts say that components in milk that are related to testosterone hormones can cause oil glands to go into overdrive, setting the stage for skin upset.

Takeaway: If you’re having trouble with your complexion, try switching to non-dairy options like almond milk, hemp milk and soy milk as a nutrient-rich alternative to dairy. Or try goat and sheep dairy cheeses instead of cow dairy, which some say has less of an effect on skin.

MYTH: Caffeine leads to breakouts

FACT: The claim that caffeine causes acne and breakoutsCoffee Beans may have more bark than bite. Some experts say it doesn’t directly cause acne, but may aggravate existing conditions.

But caffeine has its benefits too. Many caffeine-laden drinks, like coffee and black and green tea, are also loaded with anti-oxidants that can help defend skin from damage, particularly from the sun.

Takeaway: Drink caffeine in moderation to avoid messing with your beauty sleep (hello, under-eye circles), and be sure to drink plenty of water to counteract the dehydrating effects of caffeinated drinks.

Myth: Artificial sweeteners are better than refined sugars

FACT: Just accept it: sugar is simply bad for you. Sugar causes a blood sugar spike that may give you a quick energy boost, but it is not a lasting one resulting in the well-known crash after a sweet indulgence. Sugar also can be the cause for inflammatory reactions of the body, in particular on the skin. Anything with a high glycemic index – meaning sugars that cause these rapid blood sugar spikes, is best be avoided.Yacon Root Syrup

If you need sweetness, try Yacon Syrup which has a low glycemic index and therefore does not cause a rapid increase in blood glucose.  Yacon Syrup is an excellent substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners, which are known to be harmful to you.

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